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Lukeron GASO 20W-50 API SM

20W50 API SM
20W50 API SM

Lukeron GASO 20W-50 API SM Multi-grade oil for Gasoline and Diesel engines, formulated from high quality virgin base oils and a number of additives, carefully selected for engine protection and performance.


  • Recommended for all Gasoline and Diesel engines for cars and vans.
  • Suitable for use at high temperatures.


  • Detergent/dispersant properties to keep engine parts clean and in particular
  • Prevent black sludge formation and the build-up of particles.
  • Thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, preventing premature.
  • Degradation at high temperature.
  • Helps prevent wear.
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-foaming capability.
  • Shear resistance ensuring good lubrication in use, both hot and cold weather
  • Suitable for engines burning lead-free fuel and completely harmless to Catalytic converters.


900ml. | 1LTR| 3 LTR| 3.5 LTR|5 LTR| 7.5 LTR | 10 LTR | 15 LTR | 20 LTR | 50 LTR | 55 LTR | 210 LTR.