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Lukeron Turbine Oil


Lukeron Turbine Oil is a highly refined mineral oil from selected crude oil, which contains no additive.

It can be used as a lubricant widely especially for general industrial machines and compressors due to its good oxidation stability and high viscosity index.

It is available in viscosity grades from 32 to 220, so the optimal grade can be chosen.

Special Features:

  • Small Viscosity Change Turbine oil has high viscosity index, which means small viscosity change for the
    temperature variation, and indicates good lubricity.
  • Good Oxidation Stability Turbine oil is highly refined to remove impurities and acidic compounds. It has
    good oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Excellent Water Separation Property Turbine oil has good emulsion resistance property and separates water
    easily when water is contaminated.


Turbine oil can be used as lubricant for a wide range of industrial machinery including the following;

  • Internal and external lubrication of air and gas compressors.
  • Bearing lubrication for steel and non-ferrous metal rolling machines, rubber and vinyl rolls and calendars, paper machines, motors, pumps, generators, ventilation equipment.
  • Lubricant used in reduction equipment.
  • Circulation lubrication system of gear and bearing
  • Lubrication of Kaplan turbine runner bosses.
  • Lubricant for all types of hydraulic devices.
  • Grades:

    Turbine oil is available in 7 grades of 32 to 220 according to the ISO viscosity, so the optimal grade can be chosen for any application.

    Packing: 20 LTR | 210 LTR